How to pick a restaurant for your first date

The first date is an opportunity for both parties to impress their date. Everyone tries to look their best when they go on the first date as they want to create a good first impression. This is considering how lasting first impressions could be. You don’t want to always feel awkward anytime the first date is mentioned knowing that you messed up, especially if the relationship leads to marriage or a lasting friendship. This article will discuss how to pick a restaurant for your first date.

Tips to pick the best restaurant for your first date | Revelist

Read reviews

You should read reviews when you want to pick a restaurant for your first date. Several restaurants in the USA are listed on You can read reviews of other people that have gone on first dates in the different restaurants and if they are happy with the experience. You should also remember to drop your own experience after your date for the benefit of other people.

Reading reviews will go a long way to helping you avoid restaurants that will mess up your first date. You will know if the restaurants expect their customers to finish their meals after 5 minutes and leave when you intended to spend at least an hour with your date in the restaurant. You will also get to know if it is a premium restaurant and if you will be able to afford their prices.

Choose a public place

In most cases, restaurants in public places are preferred for first dates. Except both parties have agreed, the lady will prefer a public place as she might have the fear of being raped or killed by the date. Even if you are choosing the venue as the guy, you should consider this as it would help to put the mind of the lady at rest that you don’t have ulterior motives. It is also worthy of note that men could also be harmed by a lady during a first date. Hence, you might also be protecting yourself when you opt for a public place for the first date as the guy as opposed to a very private place.

Check that the restaurant allows sit-ins

Some restaurants do not have space for customers to sit. It is expected that when you buy a meal, you move on. The same became the norm during the pandemic and some restaurants are yet to relax the ban on sit-ins. Hence, you should check that the restaurant has a place for you to sit and have started allowing customers to sit in to take their meals and discuss.

Check that the restaurant is comfortable to talk

When you are going on a first date, you want to get to know your date more. This can only be achieved by talking. Hence, you want to go to a restaurant where you can talk. You don’t want a restaurant that will be extremely quiet whereby everything both of you are discussing can be heard by everyone within the restaurant no matter how low you keep your voice. This could make it uncomfortable to talk about some sensitive discussion either of you might want to bring up. You also don’t want a restaurant that is very loud so that you don’t have to shout for your customer to hear you.

Check that the restaurant allows special dates

You might want a restaurant that can provide both of you with a private space for just the both of you that is not a room. You might also want to make the first date special with the favorite color of your date and other designs. If this is the case, you should check with the restaurant if they have spaces you can customize for your first date.